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Photo ID # d11.11.07_044_TOB_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #44
Driver (s) : Toby Tobias
Location: not sure...
Date: 1964
Photographer: Lloyd King
Photo provided by: Jim Brewer
Comments: Comment from Jim: I can add a little more confusion to the mix referring to the discussion on the #44 coupe on page:

I have attached a copy of a Lloyd King photo dated October 1964 that shows Toby Tobias at the wheel. The car certainly looks like the Hanchick & Lerch paint scheme. I bought the photo years ago from Mr. King, probably at his concession stand at Williams Grove.

Anyway, I pulled out the 1964 Langhorne program and sure enough. There is Toby listed as a guaranteed starter in the Sterling Lerch #44 1937 Chevy coupe powered by a 1960 Pontiac. The car in your pic (on the link above) is a 37 Ford so it is either a different year than 1964 or maybe Toby's back up for that race.

Sometimes this stuff is really hard to track down unless you get a participant involved in the discussion. Hope this helps??

Best Regards -
Jim Brewer
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11/11/07 3-Wide This photo also appears as part of the discussion on page:
But, it's such a great photo that we wanted to give it it's own place in the Vault.
11/18/07 cemeteryjim I hate to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the works, but the car in the picture IS a Chevy coupe, although it does resemble a ford.
11/18/07 3-Wide I think Jim is referring to the car in the link provided being a Ford...    The car above looks like a 37 Chevy from what I've been told from you guys that roamed the Earth when they were plentiful!
12/19/07 wpaw That car Toby is in is a 1937 Chevy. It sat for years in a small scrap yard near Hanchicks place for years. Sometime in the late eighties the car was restored. I saw it at an Allentown, PA car show. I don't know who ownes it but it is still around. It also was driven by Bill Deskovich and Bing Metz. Bill put it throught the wall in a race at Harmony and that was the last time it saw competiton.

Originally it was yellow and red with the number 07 on it. I don't recall who drove it under that combination. It also sat for years in a garage in Phillipsburg, NJ. I think a fellow named Jim Wallman had it. I believe the photo is at Langhorne aorund 1964.