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Photo ID # d11.24.07_001_GEM_OLD_0060_1
Car #: #1
Driver (s) : Gene Gamache
Location: Old Bridge
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Dave Innes
Photo provided by: Russ Clock
Comments: Comment from Russ:  I own the photo - Purchased at Old Bridge.  Photo by Dave Innes Photos.  Driver: Gene Gamache - 1964 - Old Bridge,NJ.  Gene Gamache was the Islip Modified Champ in 1964.  I was a crewman on the car.  The car was owned by Ed Ackerman.
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11/25/07 George Perkins Great shot! I remember this car and it's stablemate, the 2 very well. Really well put together cars that you seldom see pictured aywhere. It seemed so many of the Islip regulars had really nice bodies on them.
11/26/07 Scott Ely Didn't Ackerman also field a pair of white coupes numbered 1 & 3 in the 60s (probably later than Gene's #1)? I recall the drivers being Rene Charland and Gil Hearne.
11/26/07 George Gwynn, Jr. As a "semi" senior citizen who was a teenaged modified stock car fanatic, growing up in the 1960's, I can honestly state, that this era of modified racing, in the northeast, was the "time of all times" for short track racing for both black top and dirt modified venues. These pictures, here in 3 wide, clearly show the incredible diversity and uniqueness of each car compared to another. Each car represented the unique vision of the car builder. The workmanship was remarkable.

This picture, of the Gene Gamache mount, exemplifies this fact. 

Track lighting at many venues was not the best, at many racetracks, back in the 1960's.   That did not prevent the race fan, sitting in the bleachers, from identifying the racecar by its silouette as it drove down the backstretch. Try that today with all of the "look-a-like" modifieds.

Yes indeed......the uniqueness of the 1960 modified, both on the dirt and the blacktop was the penulitimate.

George Gwynn, Jr.
Frederick, MD
11/26/07 3-Wide Back in the late 90's, "The Voice" Bill Singer told me, "The problem with today's dirt track racing is that if you painted all the cars white, you wouldn't be able to pick out your favorite...."

I'm sure that most fans of The Vault would agree that you take the cars from the 60's and many from the 70's and paint them all flat black, with no lettering or numbers and we would still be able to identify 3/4's of the field!
09/18/08 Mike Gamache This was the 1963 version of Ed Ackerman's #1 driven by Gene Gamache.   The pic was taken at Islip speedway.  The car in the background is Freddy Harbach.  Look closely and you can see the T&F Auto Body logo on the rear quarter.  If ANYONE out there knows where I can find pics of the 1964 version of this car, please e-mail me at ovalmike@yahoo.com

Thanks for the great pics...

Mike Gamache