Photo ID # e09.18.08_047_HAV_FAL_0068_1
Car #: #47
Driver (s) : Dick Havens
Location: Fallingston, PA (top photo), and Reading? (bottom photo)
Date: 1969
Photographer: George Taylor III
Photo provided by: Paul Heavener
Comments: Comments from Paul:  I grew up as a neighbor of the Taylor family in Fallsington. I spent most of my summers at "the shop"   This car was built in the winter of 66/67 for the 67 season. It was a partnership between Tom Carberry and George Taylor. Carberry picked the number. Dick Havens drove this car at Flemington and East Windsor in both the 67 and 68 seasons. I believe he was track champion at East
Windsor in 68. Taylor's sold out their interest in the car after the 67 season and built their own car for the 68 season (The #93). This car has a 37 Chevy body and 55 Chevy frame. It ran a fuel injected 327.
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09/19/08 scott mervine no question about the bottom photo from reading. the building in the backround was on the backstretch. i think it was a rollerskating rink. the 98 is beader kennedy from birdsboro,pa. if memory serves me correct he lost his life at middletown..... i always thought reading and middletown were cool because you could park on the backstretch!!!!!
09/20/08 DonDownSouth Thanks for posting the photos and comments .The whole Taylor family were great people, and Dick Havens was one of the nicest guys to strap in a racecar. I just want to tweak your info a little.

The # 93 car was built in the winter of 67,68. Dick won the championship at EWS in 1968 with the #47car and the #93 car was second in points driven buy a guy that lived in East Windsor.  Dick drove the original #93 in1969 and they came out with a new and much lighter car in 1970 and won a bunch of races.
09/20/08 3Wide Wondering if that guy from East Windsor's name rhymed with "Ron Hives..." (lol)
11/03/08 George Gwynn Jr. amazing amount of front end stagger (right front tire much bigger than the left front) to help the car get into the corner. Not uncommon in those days.
11/03/08 Roger McCloughan I think that you mean "Don Stives", who drove the 93 car!
11/07/08 3-Wide You are correct Roger... Don "Down" South posting above is non other than Don Stives, who not only drove the #93, but got the job done in other dirt rides as well such as the #35, #77, #9 and of course, his own #3.  Don didn't let the dirt vs. asphalt thing stop him as he won big on asphalt in the Norcia #81 at Wall, along with many, many other cars.  I'm not an asphalt expert, but I'm sure some of you guys can run the #'s for us as far as cars that Don drove...
12.31.12 Ronnie G

One of my favorite cars & drivers . Thought this car was really cool & I always had much respect for Dick as a very clean ,talented driver.