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Car #: #93
Driver (s) : Dick Havens
Location: Fallingston, PA
Date: 1969
Photographer: George Taylor III
Photo provided by: Paul Heavenor
Comments: Comment from Paul:  Photo shows good detail of the car. This car was built on a 53/54 chevy frame instead of a 55 chevy frame because it was lighter. When Taylors parted with Carberry in 67 they chose the number 93 for their cars, which was 39 inverted. They were good friends and fan's of the Piscopo's who were in the neighboring town of Morrisville. Tommy Backes lettered all of the Taylors cars as well as many others in the area.
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11/12/08 Roger McCloughan Looks like a deep-dish 50's - 60's Ford steering wheel inside the car.  This was the only car that Tas could keep up to in 1968 - 69.
11/16/08 3-Wide The cars were owned by the Taylors, and I know that Tammy Taylor Roberts visits our site, so maybe she can shed some light on your question.  I'm sure Fred Menschner would be able to answer as well... For now, here's a link that relates to the topic showing Nick DiGiuseppe welding on the Piscopo #39, which along with the Carberry #47, the Taylor #93, and the Menschner #21, were all strong running cars from the Morrisville/Fallingston, Pa area:
11/17/18 Tammy and Sherwood Taylor Jr. The 93's were built by George Taylor Sr. and his two sons, George F. Taylor and Sherwood Taylor Sr.  George Taylor Sr. built the engines and son George did all the welding.

Two cars were built with the first car having a 37 Ford body, which was driven by Don Stives. During the winter of 1968 a new and lighter 37 Chevy was built and Dick Havens was hired to drive.

We were fortunate to have Don Stives as a driver who was one of the best drivers crossing over from asphalt to dirt.

Dick Havens to this day was very underrated as a driver. History shows that he won Track Championships at Grandview - Dorney Park - East Windsor and Flemington Speedways. He very seldom wrecked a car
and always drove in a Gentlemanly manner.

Thank You

Tammy and Sherwood Taylor Jr.
11/17/08 3Wide Thanks for the first hand information Tammy and Sherwood.  This is such a great photo and I'd like to thank whoever decided to climb up on whatever they stood on to take this great overhead photo of a brand new, meticulously built late 60's Modified.  The photo credit provided was to George Taylor III.
11/22/08 Fred Menschner I remember a fellow by the name of Bill McConell (I believe that's how you spell his name) having a hand in the engines.  Bill was involved with Sprints and modifieds.
11/22/08 Walter Onora What a smooth driver. What modified is behind the Taylor "93"?
11/23/08 3Wide From another photo, I think we determined that it is the Ford bodied #93.
11/25/08 Tammy Taylor The first 93 was a 37 Ford. The second one was a 37 Chevy. The second car was the one that won all the races because it was lighter than the first one.

Bill Connell did have involvement with the very first engine, but after 3 or
4 races my Grandfather felt it wasn't up to par, so my Grandfather pulled it and from then on all the engines were built by my Grandfather and the tuning up of the car was done by my Uncle George.  And in 4 years, only 1 engine blew.
11/26/08 Tammy Taylor If you look closely, you can see the first 93 in the upper part of the picture.