Photo ID # e11.23.08_004_BUT_FLM_0068_1
Car #: #4
Driver (s) : Oliver Butler
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1969?
Photographer: George Taylor III
Photo provided by: Paul Heavener
Comments: How many of us remember Oliver Butler in this red coupe!
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11/24/08 Walter Onora Sure I remember this modified! Check out the powerplant! Looks like a small block fuel injected powerplant.
11/25/08 John Hanna Sure do...  one of my favorite drivers , always clean , fast and those Silliman cars immaculate!!  Remember him winning them 100 lappers.  He was great in # 5 also they were the days at Flemington!
11/26/08 Karl Oliver's novice car was the circle triple B's. I know because I bought half interest in it when Oliver went to Sportsman.
01.24.10 Ken Stull  I looked for a picture of this particular #4 for quite some time .  Oliver asked me if I would letter the car for Alfey and I was happy as HE _ _ ! This is when I got my feet wet lettering race cars . Just a young kid excited about lettering a race car driven by one of the best . Just being associated with the Butlers is an honor in itself if you're a race nut.
01.30.10 3Wide Nice job!