Photo ID # e12.14.08_027_002_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #27 & 2
Driver (s) : Stan Ploski and Frankie Schneider
Location: not sure...
Date: late 60's
Photographer: Dave Innes
Photo provided by: Michael Clissold
Comments: This is one of my favorite photos.  The motion of the cars... Stan with his sleeves rolled up... the closeness of the cars... 
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12/14/08 Mike Clissold I remember this like it was yesterday. It was the all star stock car league......note Stan's all star league team helmet. I think 1969 and Flemington for sure. Looks like the concession between 1 and 2 in the background.. Notable because the two of them ran practicaly side by side for about 50 of the 100 laps. Not positive but I think Frankie won. Maybe Stan or Frank remember the race.
12/14/08 Mark Yaple Ploski won the race. It was a midweek show and I can remember Stan in victory lane telling the crowd "I beat the best."
12/16/08 Bob Turlip I remember that night best race I ever saw. 100 lapper Stan and Frankie side by side for 50 plus labs and Stan's "Beat the Best "
12/19/08 Larry Jendras Jr. This race was my only visit to Flemington. Boy did we catch a good one. I still consider this one of the best dirt track races I ever saw.

A few more points about this race. Not only did Ploski and Frankie battle for 50 or so laps, but they did much of it weaving through traffic. It was truly a clinic in dirt track driving.

Also just out of this picture, but the battle for 3rd place was worth the price of admission. Budd Olsen in a cream colored #92 coach, Will Cagle in his #24 coach and one other car I can't remember.

Lastly, early in warmups and heat races, I noticed that Al Tasnady was real fast in the Cozze #44 coach, but got tangled with another car and out for the night. What an addition he would have made to the battle.

After being there that night, I certainly understand why you all miss Flemington.
02.25.10 Roger McCloughan The 27 coach and deuce coach were maybe the most memorable sedans to race at Flemington. Stan held the 10-lap heat record for several years with this car, and Frankie won everywhere he ran with this sedan. Not only great cars, but great drivers who always have respected each other!