Photo ID # e12.14.08__00_REU_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #00
Driver (s) : Buzzie Reutimann
Location: not sure...
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Dave Innes
Photo provided by: Michael Clissold
Comments: Here's a great early photo of Buzzie, still with the family's Chevrolet dealership on the side!
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12/15/08 Mike Clissold I think this is from the Thursday night races at the then asphalt ft.dix (new egypt) speedway.  I think owned and operated by the Grbac family. Then common to use 1 car for asphalt and dirt.
12/16/08 RTKelleher Actually, I believe the photo was taken in the spring of 1967, the first
night Fort Dix Speedway was promoted by Tommie Elliott, local FORD Dealer Paul Larson and Jim Kelleher. I’ll never forget that night. Buzzy hit the wall pretty hard and had to be towed off the track. I walked over to where Buzzy was parked and like the dumb seventeen-year-old kid I asked him, “What happened?” He paused, looked at me like I was from Mars and then just smiled, laughed and said, “Well, kid, if you can’t win be spectacular.”…He is a humble and gracious man, instead of taking my head-off after losing lots money and time, was kind to me. That’s what the sport is all about.