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Car #: 24 Owned by Ken Brenn Sr.
Driver (s) : Stan Ploski (See note below... - thanks Mark)
Location: Trenton, NJ
Date: 1974?
Photographer: A Stan Fan
Photo provided by: A Stan Fan
Comments: Picture of the Brenn #24 on the pad (stage) in front of the main grandstand at Trenton Speedway.   A Stan Fan was quick to point out the new body work on the back of the Gremlin to accommodate the big track fuel tank.
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03/23/03 Mark Southcott Stan Ploski #24 wasn't a Trenton Race of Champions starter in any of those events run there from 1972-1976. The #3 is likely 1973 Shangri-La Modified champion and 1974 Albany-Saratoga Modified champion Ed Pieniazek who finished 53rd in the 1973 R.O.C. (Ed's only start at Trenton) which is probably the year of that picture.
06/01/03 Brian Loutrel Bob Rossell built this car. Stan raced this car on dirt several times in 1973. It never seemed to run well. Ken Brenn ran the car in 1974 and 1975. Ken, in fact, won his first modified victory ever at East Windsor in 1975 in this car. Younger brother Jim Brenn drove it in the late 70's as a rookie.
12/14/03 Fred Voorhees  Hey 3 wide - notice the roof rack?
12/14/03 3-Wide The only thing cooler than a roof rack would have been if somebody tied an old Samsonite to it and took it for a few laps.  Remember the old commercials trying to prove how tough they were - I wonder how long one of them would have lasted on Michalchuk's roof....  Now that would be a testimonial!!!
10.15.13 Kevin Budden

Pop and I were there that day, man I miss that place especially all the RACE OF CHAMPIONS races over the years! Pop really enjoyed seeing what Ken Brenn was going to come out with next!!

01.21.22 Ed Ackerman

This photo is from an exhibition race for a product called Vareb, a water based fuel. I think Ken Brenn Jr. was the driver. Other cars involved were the Statewide 3 of Billy Osmun, Will Cagle in the Allard 66, Frank Myroncuk Steve Munn and I believe Ed Conoran. Never heard of Vareb before or since. Race was run in conjunction with Indy cars.