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Photo ID # 01.01.03_055_KLO_FLM_0070_1
Car #: 55, 17 & 3
Driver (s) : Danny Klockner #55, Phil Meisner #17, Rich Polenz #3
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1975?
Photographer: Dave Spurlin
Photo provided by: Dave Spurlin
Comments: Black and white memories of Danny's coupe trying to fend off the tide of Gremlins....
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12/29/02 Dave Spurlin I saw someone was looking for a picture of Danny Klockner's coupe. Here's the only one I have. It's not the best but it's something!  I can't tell if the first car is #47 or #57. Then there's Rich Polenz #3 and Phil Meisner #17. I don't know the year.
01/12/03 Todd L Danny was fast in this creation which was housed in Lawrenceville NJ (not too far from where Danny lives now)
07/27/03 Big Kev I'm pretty sure this is 1977 as I was helping Rich then and that is when his first big block came. Looking back on these photos just reminds me of all the good time at "The Square" Big Kev
03/24/05 Pkphlox The picture is 1977. Can tell by the large oversized gold # 55.  A small block running against the Modified.  There used to be a small block bonus in those days. The experience of running 30 laps with the Modified helped me improve my driving. I learned to respect the drivers in the Modified Division and they showed me a new direction that made me a better overall driver in dirt racing.
03/24/05 Rocky (aka Joe, aka 3-Wide)

Couldn't tell by the email if that's you Danny, but if so, welcome to the Vault.  If you ever start driving again, let me know and I'll still scrape the belly pan like I did for a few years on the "A" car!