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Photo ID # 01.01.03_150_UNK_NAZ_0070_1
Car #: 150
Driver (s) : Larry Nye   (Thanks to Stacey Radney)
Location: Middletown, NY  (Thanks John Mc)
Date: 1970?
Photographer: Unknown ( www.acelanephotography.com )
Photo provided by: Palmco
Comments: Didn't know who the driver was, but Vault visitor Stacey Radney tells us that it is Larry Nye.
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01/01/03 John Mc He sorta looks like Danny Mitchell, but I wouldn't bet the rent on it! One thing I do know though.....That ain't Nazareth, it's Middletown. See the roof of the building over the 3rd turn catch fence? That's the small barn next to the pit sign in booth.
01/20/03 Stacey Radney The driver is Larry Nye from Watertown, NY
03/31/03 MCSS11 Larry Nye lives in Preble, NY
04/28/03 Brian It is Larry Nye's car and its still running today with the Midstate Antiques