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Photo ID # 01.02.03_059_FIT_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #29 owned by Pat Rissi
Driver (s) : Paul Fitzcharles
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1975
Photographer: Dave Spurlin
Photo provided by: Dave Spurlin
Comments: A favorite of mine and many from the great days of the 70's at Flemington!  He may have, but I don't remember Paul running this car anywhere else, so to me, this picture just says simply "Flemington: Modified Country USA".  Paul was a very exciting driver to watch.
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01/02/03 Dave Spurlin Here's the Pat Rissi #59 you were asking about. This car used to bellow out great flames when it idled. I remember a tire catching fire one day while it was sitting in front of the grandstands!
01/03/03 3-Wide Thanks Dave for being smart enough back in 1975 to take a picture of the #59 and for being organized enough to be able to find it in 2002!
02/08/03 Dave Walter Paul also ran this very same car at Reading.  Dave Walter - Salford PA
04/23/04 wayne walter i also ran with both paul & glenn @ g' view. just between you and me, i always thought paul was the better driver as long as he kept his head on straight.
05/13/03 steve fegley first place my parents ever took me races was, grandveiw, my first fav driver was the PF. FLYER! lol.  I remember him winning a heat race at grandveiw one time, the hood flew up with about 5 laps to go , he drove last 5 laps looking through the hole where the air cleaner would stick out , was purple pinto. anyone have pic of this car I sure love to see it again.
05/23/03 Kevin B I remember a few years earlier at East Windsor speedway Glenn driving the R-10 not sure what Paul was driving, they were racing against each other they came together one of them went barrel rolling down the front stretch. My memory is a little foggy but I believe the one brother came back around stopped and checked his brother. Also he let him finish the night in his MOD. Perhaps another viewer can shine more light on this night, thank you to both Glenn & Paul for all the great moments
05/23/03 3-Wide I remember reading a few years back that we lost Paul Fitzcharles.   Paul was a very exciting driver to watch.  The memories of him wheeling this little #59 Falcon will never be forgotten
11/23/03 Dave Spurlin Glenn has great pictures of that accident in his personal scrap book! Several of them in fact. Paul was in the Norcia #81 coupe. I'm not sure if this was the accident or not although likely it was but Glenn told me once when he crashed hard like that, Paul stopped his car and ran all of the way back to the accident scene to see how Glenn was. He was so out of breath... (he was a smoker) they thought he (Paul) was the one in the accident and the ambulance took him away! It may be the reason why Glenn drove Paul's car that night... he wasn't there! We still laugh about that one from time to time!
02/28/04 John Armbruster I was lucky that I got the chance to get to know Pat Rissi when I helped Andy Belmont with his Dash car.  What a great guy, he had so many other things going on, what with his plumbing business and his restaurant.  Always a sharp wit, never one to buy something when he could make it himself...and always with the coffee cup in his hand.