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Photo ID # 01.02.03_081_OSM_EWS_0070_1
Car #: 81
Driver (s) : Billy Osmun
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: A Stan Fan
Photo provided by: A Stan Fan
Comments: "The meek inherit the earth....6 FEET AT A TIME!"  Looks like the boys from Black Horse Lane weren't the most modest around, but it's hard to be humble when you were as good as these guys were!  The battles between Billy O in the #81 & Stan in the #24.....
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01/03/02 Dave Spurlin This is a good picture of a great car! Keep them coming!
02/04/04 MerJer pretty car open trailer/this was racin!
08.23.14 Coastal Originals

I remember how the trailer raised high into the air and how the crew use to have to pick the back bumper of the car up as it was sliding off the trailer so it wouldn’t dig into the ground.  The things you observe while you wait in the stand from 3:00 to warm ups…I love this web site…Keep up the good work.


Roger Laureno

Pretty sure John, Tony and George were so proud of their dedicated , hard  working  crew  that they just wanted to recognize them. They “borrowed “ the phrase from Smokey Unick and his BEST DAMN GARAGE IN TOWN