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Photo ID # 01.02.03_711_KNE_REA_0078_1
Car #: 711
Driver (s) : Dave Kneisel
Location: Flemington, PA
Date: 1978
Photographer: Bob Scott   (R Scott Pix)
Photo provided by: Scott Pacich
Comments: Some guys are different for the sake of being different.  Some guys are different because they're always looking to find a better way to do things which leads to success.  I can remember Dave and a purple #7ll from back in the late 60's - and he was different and successful!  Looking at this, it's pretty obvious that using a Pacer body was a little non-conventional, but with Dave, I bet the real genius was hidden under the sheet metal.  (Is that Lou Lazzaro's #4 next to the 711...)
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01/03/03 Bob Scott This is NOT READING its Flemington 78.... I should know I took the picture!  Bob Scott
01/03/03 Scott Pacich The picture of Kneisel that I sent you of the Pacer at Flemington was taken by Bob Scott.
01/03/03 Dave S I think this was a neat looking car... it was different! I know where there's a Pacer sitting out in a field...Kneisel only has one "l" by the way! ... and the picture is at Flemington also.    Didn't he used to always have his dog with him? Dave
01/03/03 3-Wide Hey Dave, what is this, a freakin spelling bee? - Just kidding - It get's pretty frantic trying to keep up with all this stuff and I am very appreciative of you guys keeping me honest!  Don't let Scott know which field that Pacer's in or your liable to see it on the Vintage circuit next year!