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Photo ID # 01.26.03_076_CHA_FLM_0070_1
Car #: 76
Driver (s) : Gerald Chamberlain
Location: Unknown...
Date: 1974?
Photographer: Mike Feltenberger
Photo provided by: Steve Strickler
Comments: Of all the cars that Gerald drove, this had to be my favorite - and this thing could really get around the square!  I'm not real sure where this particular picture was taken though....
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02/08/03 Dave Walter Gerald only ran this car at Reading and Flemington. This is a Flemington Picture. And I agree, this was a pretty car for its time.  Dave Walter - Salford PA
04/26/03 Pat Burke That car was awesome looking (and moving) then and just as beautiful now!! Pat Burke (KB FAN) - Baltimore, MD
05/16/03 Fred Voorhees This particular Gerald Chamberlain #76 was also one of my all time favorite modifieds. The "Everitt Express" had this car honkin around the square more often than not and seemed to fit in holes that simply didn't seem big enough for it. Simply awesome!
07/17/03 Ned Stites III This was the last of the Modifieds, a real mean machine that went through the turns with the grace of a gazelle and passed cars like a cheetah! This was the last car I got chills seeing enter the pits at Flemington. I built a model and showed it to Gerry and he was so kind and sincere with his comments on it. He was the first driver I liked to watch after Tas retired. I miss his exciting skills on the short chute between turns 3 and 4. The last of the real Modified cars that barked like a big dog and sent the rooster tails flying.
07/17/03 3-Wide The way the car could got around the square, I would have thought that others would have tried to copy it's small style. I also liked how you could see Gerald working the wheel in this car.
11/28/03 Frank Miller This car had a 427 tunnel port FORD and had a sound of its own.  You can see the exaust pipes go all the way to the rear off the car.   Gerald WAS GREAT to watch.
12/06/03 Walt Pickell What a great looking car,brings back great memories of those summertime battles in the mid 70's between Chamberlain and Fitzcharles at Flemington!  Then heading into the pits just to be next to all the great looking cars, still gives me goose bumps when I think of those days, thanks for all the pic's fella's and keeping those memories alive for alot of us!  Walt Pickell
12/14/03 Mike Feltenberger This photo was taken atop the first turn bleachers at Flemington.  The funny
thing about this is that I just bought the camera and the zoom lens earlier that day and I wanted to try out my photo talents on the opposite side of the
track.Gerald was my all time favorite.The 76's in any shape or form were always one of the cleanest and nicest cars to grace a racetrack.
12/14/03 3-Wide I think it is because this picture is taken from the same fan perspective that so many of us seemed to share that it is one of the most commented on pictures of the Vault.  Thanks Mike Feltenberger for being there with the camera and for letting us share it with those of us who like to remember when...
12/23/03 Paul Garzillo There was a period when we all looked forward to the Sportsman Feature for close racing, because when we saw THIS car come out on the track for the modified feature, everyone else was racing for second place.I can still hear that unique sound as it powered by.Top 10 car of all time for sure.  I might be in serious denial, but why do I keep thinking that this car could beat the TEO cars of today?
12/23/03 3-Wide I think you and half of the people that visit this site probably are thinking the same way.  This car just seemed to be so powerful, but small enough that Gerald could shoot it into the smallest of gaps to make moves that didn't even look like they were ready to be made yet.
01/17/04 Kyle Zuk One of the 1st Really successful Fords. It did have a unique sound to it when it went by didn't it. It RAAAPPP'ed!
02/09/04 Dave Medler That car when it was done racing in the PA - NJ area continued to race here in the Central NY area at Canandaigua, Weedsport and Rolling Wheels. The car remained red and re # 11. Dennis Taney was the pilot till his untimely death at Canandaigua speedway. We still honor Dennis and his family with the " Taney Memorial" modified race every season. 
05/25/05 Dick Feightner I saw this car at the Bedford, PA speedway in the mid to late 70's. Only saw it once, and BOY did it GO!! It made the other cars look silly...went more like a sprint! The funny thing is that BEDFORD Speedway is only a few (less than 10) miles from EVERETT--Gerald's home, yet he chose to run way down East!
03/12/06 Jan Games The last of Gerry's Falcons was bought by a guy named Jerry Boucher. He brought it to Western PA and raced it at Mercer Raceway with 6 cyl. CHEVY (ugg!) power. Rumor has it that the chassis is still floating around the Indiana, Pa area. I've been hunting for it for 5 years to no avail. If anyone knows of it's whereabouts, please post your info here.
Jan Games..#1 Gerald Chamberlain fan!
05/21/07 Ron Plummer It could be just talk, but I heard a rumor that one of Gerald's old race cars is in Martinsburg, PA. owned by the Metzger family(they own a car lot, have trucks, etc.)
12/10/07 Ron Plummer I talked to Gerald last week, & the racecar that is in Martinsburg, PA. is the '61 Ford Starliner that he ran at Daytona in the pemetex 300 in the late 60's. He thought it was going to be restored.