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Photo ID # 01.26.03__61_EVA_ALB_0070_1
Car #: 61 and 61X
Driver (s) : Richie Evans and Ed Flemke
Location: Albany Saratoga, NY
Date: 1970 or 1971
Photographer: John Grady
Photo provided by: John Grady
Comments: Lot's of stories about this picture provided by well known NY and more photographer John Grady.   (Something about Richie maybe not being allowed to run, but then there was confusion about who was in which car....)  Take a look at those standing in the background too!
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03/18/04 Steve Hmiel The guy at the driver's door of the truck is Eddie Flemke who drove one of the cars that night. I'm pretty sure it was an All Star League race so Richie was legal to run the other car.  I think Eddie won the race although he finished with a flat left front tire. The guy in the yellow shirt between the two race cars is Eddie Pieneziak. We really enjoy your site.   
03/18/04 3-Wide Thanks for adding you're comments to our site - Good hearing from you.  Our site focuses on the local racing that we all enjoyed up this way back in the early days, and we're always amazed at the reach that our site has and constantly reminded that it really is one big racing family out there!