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Photo ID # 03.10.03_NAZ_OPN_0078_1
Car #: Various
Driver (s) : Various
Location: Nazareth, PA
Date: 1978
Photographer: Paul Irving   (see note from Paul below)
Photo provided by: Paul Irving
Comments: OK, I see Tom Hager and maybe Gary Balough and maybe even Dave Kniesel in this 1978 Nazareth opener.    (I'll step aside now and let you guys lead the way on the rest of them!
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Note from the photographer Paul Irving Hard to believe that this was 25 years ago!  First car...not sure.  But then we have Ricie Franz #5, Del Buss in Scat's #3, Bob Malzahn in the blue #77. Dave Thomas #19, Hank Goranson in the yellow #36, Rich Eurich #10, Bob Bottcher #97, Del George #52, Buzzie's #00 Vega, Gary Balough #M1, Tom Hager #43, Dave Kneisel #711...(No, my memories not that good - I have the other shot of this same stellar heat comiing into turn 3.

When I took this shot, there was a group of very old race fans wearing long overcoats, hat and goggles.  They were absolutely covered in dust and smiling!

03/11/03 Scott Pacich The Pacer! The Pacer! That is Dave in it at the back of the pack. By the way, I know where the Pacer is....Scott.
03/11/03 Bill Hanna I really can't detail any of the cars in this photo other than those previously stated.  By I can state that this location, up on the hill in turn 4 was by far one of the best places to watch racing at Nazerath, you just had to make the walk up the hill to get there.  Alot of great memories of racing from this spot.
05/13/03 steve fegley i can remember being lil climbin up in that big tree in turn 3 watchin over the fence lol , scarey place to be when all heck broke loose on the backstretch, i think that , is rich marrinellis m-1 on the outside , im not that much up on naz racers but assume it would be gary balough or kevin collins. an that looks like might be higbie 97 on the inside front of big tom, probly bobby bottcher at the keyboard