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Photo ID # 03.14.03__DD_MYS_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #DD
Driver (s) : and the answer is...Dave Durkasz (we used this photo as a mystery driver)
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: Late 70's or early 80's
Photographer: Bill Hanna
Photo provided by: Bill Hanna
Comments: Here's a little more information to solve the mystery....maybe a little too much info!!!
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01/29/04 L Talbert Dave had more pop rivets per square inch then any car.   Each were evenly spaced - He always keep spotless equipment and his work was always perfect also.
08/11/06 Dave Derkacz Yeah, I had a few rivets here and there! That's what happens when you are anal in building a car. The way I looked at it, if I was going to put in the time and effort, I wanted to do the best quality work I could. The end result wasn't too shabby!
I'll be looking through my old albums to see if I can come up with more photos...