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Photo ID # 03.17.03_035_VAR_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #35
Driver (s) : Rich Varone
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970?
Photographer: Ace Lane   ( www.acelanephotography.com )
Photo provided by: Mark Horger
Comments: Rich Varone, who I think later drove the "B" car when Barry Schenk had his "A" car.   We could use a little help here with identifying the driver of the #303 - I don't think this was Freddy Dmuchowski, but it may have been one of his older cars???
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03/18/03 Mark Horger Here is a picture Richie gave me in the 70's, we both lived in Palmyra, NJ. Rich went on to drive a Sprint car with URC for Jack Grady, if you check the records I believe they won a few races.
03/18/03 3-Wide Looking at this picture, it reminds me of how cool it used to be to be able to see the drivers arms working the wheel!  This is a great shot that shows that the sport wasn't just car against car, but really man against man.
04/07/03 Tom Eppolite This car was built by Frank, Bob & Ron Eppolite & is now restored as the #1 & has been on display at New Egypt with the vintage car shows. After Rich drove the car it was sold to Lee DeVault.
04/07/03 3-Wide I can't remember exactly, but was there a real nice dark blue coupe driven by "Tom Eppolite" back in the 70's? I'm thinking of a dark kind of sparklely blue with white or silver numbers, but I may have it confused...
04/07/03 Tom Eppolite You are correct about me driving the blue # 23 with white numbers.
03/10/05 Paul Madsen The 303 might have been John Komjati aka John Pinter.
07/17/06 Joe Crisefi I commented on another pic about my dad buying that # 22 Falcon from Lee D. But now I seem to remember him saying it was bought from Richie Verone. Not sure, maybe it WAS from Lee D. Probably late 74 early 75. This car sat in my back yard for YEARS rusting away, and was finally scrapped in the late 80's.... I used to sit in it and pretend I was Stan the Man tearing up Flemington. My dad is Joe Crisefi, he had a body shop in Moorestown, NJ back in the late 60's early 70's. He painted a few cars for Lee D and a # 901, car driven by Ronnie Tobias? at Statewide.