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Photo ID # 03.18.03_037_SUS_FLM_0074_1
Car #: #37
Driver (s) : Geza or Jules Sesztak (Thanks for spelling help)
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1974
Photographer: Dave Spurlin
Photo provided by: Dave Spurlin
Comments: You guys know that I am not big on posting pictures of wrecks, but this is the only picture that I have of the Sesztek #37 coupe, and they deserve their place in the Vault!  I hope someone out there may be able to provide a more flattering shot of the #37 in action as it was definitely a familiar car at Flemington for quite a few years in the early and mid 70's.   I seem to remember both Jules and Geza took turns driving the car.
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03/23/03 Tim Weber I specifically remember the wreck that resulted in the bent up (totalled) car you see here on the trailer. It happened at EWS, and the car bounced very violently against another car, head on into the wall, back to another car and to the wall again. It was one of the most violent crashes I'd ever seen, as he bounced back and forth like a pingpong ball near the end of Windsor's long front stretch. I think it ended Geza's racing, as I never saw the neat white coupe again. It was always a really nice looking car.
03/23/03 3-Wide Sorry to hear that after seeing them run for years at Flemington.   I'm still not sure if this is the wreck above as I am pretty sure this picture came from Dave Spurlin who shot most of his stuff at Flemington...Are you out there Dave?
06/16/03 Scooter Trash Sesztak ran the 37 after that wreck -  was red with white 37.
02/02/05 J. Stinnett The Sesztak brothers, Geza and Jules from Hopewell, NJ.   Weekly runners at Flemington for years.  I think Jules has their only victory, coming at Flemington in a blue 37.   Painters and paperhangers by trade, their coupes used to have wallpaper on the underside of the roof.