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Photo ID # 05.11.03__X9_MYS_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #X9
Driver (s) : Peppy Fernandez
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: (Unknown)   www.acelanephotography.com
Photo provided by: Tom Eppolite
Comments: Whether because of his on track performance, or because of the uniqueness of the body style, Peppy Fernandez in the #X9 is a car that many of us remember from the early 70's at Flemington
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12/02/03 Bob Hummer7 Sr Peppy ran great wherever He ran. I remember Him mostly from Harmony and Nazareth. He was about the first racer to use a late model body over the pre-war coupes and sedans.  He started a new thing that was soon followed with the use of falcon bodies and a few years later the vega and pinto bodies . Eventually the Gremlin bodies were what 90% of the racers used from about 1976 on.   
06/29/04 Joe Meshach I remember seeing the X9 race at the old Harmony track in NJ too. Peppy was a favorite of alot of people.
12/26/05 BARRY PURSELL. I lived in Oxford, NJ. for a few years.  I remember Peppy and his brother Tony ran a service station (Crown I believe).  Very nice people - never to busy to talk.  Even to a kid such as myself.  He was my favroite in the sportsman div. at Harmony.  I still think he is the reason Bill Elliot was my favrorite nascar driver.  Ford power, Ford body, red, and of course the # 9.
02/14/06 Wes Suydam I remember Pepe at Harmony.  He brought the car in a school bus.
08/07/07 S. Kresge I think he also had a camaro body on one of his cars after the mustang.
S. Kresge - Nazareth, PA
10/21/07 Robin The majority of my fathers cars were mustangs and camaros,and a few coupes but they were all Chevy Powered Motors.