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Photo ID # 06.21.03_039_UNK_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #39
Driver (s) : George Amerman (thanks John Mc and Rick Durica)
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: John Lucas
Photo provided by: John McCaughey
Comments: This is a beautiful car, and it looks familiar, and I can't remember who drove it!  How 'bout a little help here in identifying who piloted this cool modified coupe...  thanks
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06/22/03 John Mc I think the driver was George Ammerman, I forget. I'll check on it, but that smartass kid waving in the background is yours truly! JMc
06/22/03 3-Wide I thought that skinny little punkass, long haired degenerate, getting in the way of a perfect shot might have been you. (I had the same look back in the late 70's only not as tall and not as skinny!)  Is that a serious hood or what?...
07/18/03 Bob Banghart Driver was George Amerman (Not sure of the spelling).
09/26/03 Mark Yaple The name Doug Padgett comes to mind for some reason when I see this car.  Anybody else remember him?
03/04/04 Scruff George Amerman and Russ Houck -partners of this car in the early 70's 
11/01/05 dom ragno87 This car was the former Ragno #87 sportsman car.   It was a brand new car in 72.  I drove it a few races then Newt Hartman wrecked his car.  He took over and we won 4 fearures.  Then the next year I sold it to Doug Paddget and I bought the Burnett modified.

Also the body on this car is a 37 ford coupe which I cut up a very good car for the body.  This was a Tobias chassis.  At that time he, was the first to produce tube frames.

06/08/06 Doug Padgett George Amerman and Doug Padgett had very similar looking coupes back in 75 and 76 but this one pictured above is all Amerman.  Dom's story is correct but it's the wrong car. I'm gonna try to find a pic and send it in. Love this site. really brings back old memories.