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Photo ID # 06.21.03__U2_BUT_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #U2
Driver (s) : Gary Butler
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1974
Photographer: John Lucas
Photo provided by: John McCaughey
Comments: Not to be confused with Gary Butler who now runs the #68 at New Egypt Speedway, and not to be confused with "Bono", this Gary Butler was a sportsman hotshoe at East Windsor and Bridgeport in this real unique silver little coupe. 
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06/22/03 Kevin McElvaine Looks like one of John Megills hot rods in the background.
06/22/03 John Mc Kevin, I think at that time it may have been Ray Shea......
06/22/03 3-Wide Did Ray also run a sedan (same color and #, and if so was it for dirt, asphalt or both?)
07/02/03 Jeff McClung Gary Butler had some real good years in the sportsman ranks at Statewide Speedway, he always had the smallest body within the rules. I remember the last car #U2 he drove at Statewide (Bridgeport) it was a tiny Gremlin body with the huge drag tires, he won a bunch of races there. His main competition was Eddie Mumford and DR Danny Cox, Chic Cossaboon was just coming into his own
7/15/03 Steve K. Gary was a rocket in this car and was a threat to win every week. Before he went to the gremlin sheet metal this car was painted black with white numbers.
01/27/04 Nancy Megills did have two cars in 74, John had the dirt coupe, a former 303 Fred Dmuchowshi car in background and Harry had the sedan for pavement.  They did run the sedan several times at Windsor. Ray Shea was their driver
01/18/05 Cherl Hegedus I remember Gary Butler racing at Reading Racetrack in the purple U2.  He was racing around the track coming up on the 1st turn and hit the wall real hard.  The car exploded into flames and landed on its side. He walked away from that accident with just a broken leg.
01/21/05 3-Wide I don't remember the purple U2... always remember it being silver...
02.14.17 Jeff Fregede

 Gary Butler was my uncle and my hero. Miss him so much. RIP uncle Gary.