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Photo ID # 06.22.03_027_PLO_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #27
Driver (s) : Stan Ploski
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Kenny Guyer
Comments: A smiling Stan being congratulated by starter Harry Dee in this mid 70's version of a self owned #27.
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06/22/03 Todd L I think one of the sponsors on this car was Raceway Speed Center a speed shop from years gone by. I believe well known car owner Bob Burket (27KC) may have been a mechanic on this very fast 27
06/26/03 Jeff McClung Does anyone know who built this car, was it home built? I remember this car very well, and note how visible the driver was in those days, you could really see the driver working inside the car.
06/29/03 Todd L I think Stan spent some time in Central Jersey Welding cars but I dont know for sure I will check with Bob
10/04/03 Bucky Stevens This was a home built car.  It was one of the first tube steel framed cars.  I think Stan had been out of a ride due to a broken arm when they built this car.  I remember him wining at Flemington from the pole in June in this car.  He had no points since it was his first race back.  He was driving it with a suicide knob and it didn't handle worth a damn.  Donny Digiranimo tuned the engine for him and Howie Cronce at the time.
10/07/03 3-Wide I don't remember Stan starting from the pole, but I do remember him in this car after his second accident.  For those who don't remember, Stan had the throttle stick going into turn 1 at Flemington resulting in a badly broken arm.  After months of rehabilatation, Stan made his comeback only to have the exact same thing happen in the exact same spot with the exact same terrible results.  I can remember sitting right there, in the first turn in total disbelief. 
10/09/03 FCobrajet428 I remember Stan driving this car at Flemington in 1975 . He did brake his arm in the 4T7 when the throttle stuck late in 1974. I was told buy a diehard Stan fan that it was built buy a guy named Whip Mulligan.  He could wrong. I sat in section 1and 2 in the 1st turn At MODIFIED COUNTRY USA since 1974 opening day . That car was so side ways it reminds me today of a USAC wing-less sprint.
10/17/03 AJ Kraft I have many fond memories of seeing Stan race during the 70's and this was one of my favorite cars that he drove along with the "Big Donkey 707". But what is so amazing about this picture and so many others I have from Windsor and Flemington is the incredibly smooth track surface. You just don't see a track surface like that anymore. My dad raced at both tracks in the late 60's into the early 70's and he said they were truly a joy to race on.
12/05/04 MJMAROTTA He built the car at Trenton Macks shop.