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Photo ID # 07.07.03_044_TAS_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #44 & #13
Driver (s) : Al Tasnady and Joe Kelly
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: A Stan Fan
Comments: Definitely a favorite of the Vault.  Ace Lane had a way of capturing the motion of the sport like no other.  Just keep looking at this picture and you'll see what I mean...
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07/10/03 Walter Onora What memories!!! The first time I went to Flemington, I was amazed. Joe Kelly In the Fodor "13" sliding through the turns and Al Tasnady in the Piscopo "39"(This Cozze "44" is the same car Al drove as the "39") Two great drivers of that era!!
07/10/03 3-Wide You know, I'm not real sure if this is from 1970 or maybe even a little before.  I know that when I first started going to Flemington in 1970 I think this was the car that Joe Kelly drove.  I am not sure when he had his tragic accident as I was not there on that night.  I do remember him driving this car at East Windsor in what might have been the very late 60's....
07/11/03 Walter Onora The tragic accident happened in the summer of 1970. My Father and I were sitting in the first turn grandstands. I remember when the car landed, the motor was still revving, Dick Havens got out of his car and shut the motor off. That was a night I will never forget.
08/22/03 Dick Havens Jr. Joe had his accident on August 15th 1970.. I still have the plaque, that the Joe Kelly fan club presnted to Dad, hanging on the wall...I have so many memories of Dad and his career, This is one of the top ones..It just showed the kind of man Dad was, not only a great competitor, but a caring one..Not only did he shut the engine off, but he also knew first aide, so he helped with Joe's injuries and getting him out of the car safely!!! Dad and Joe, were best friends on and off the track... Back then, if you got out of your car, you were done for the night, but his friends and someone's well being, meant more to dad, then the win!!! I also have so many memories of Joe, it was great to know Joe and his family!!!! Thanks for bring back, some memories of Dad and Joe !!! ** The plaque says.." "93" Presented to Dick Havens, In His Recognition Of His Heroic Deed Performed On August 15, 1970 At The Flemington Fair Speedway" From The 1970 Joe Kelly Fan Club ***
10/04/03 John LeVan Hey Richie - I can remember when you where a little shaver.  Yes, you are certainly right about your Dad and Joe Kelly.  I am proud that I can state that I knew both of these fine gentlemen.  I will never forget your Dad's first win at Flemington when he topped Al Tasnady.  That is a night I will never forget.  The stop at the old New Hope Diner was especially sweet that night. 

I know this is getting a little personal but I have to ask - how is Mom and how are your sister and brother.