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Photo ID # 07.07.03__00_BUZ_LAN_0060_1
Car #: #2 & #00
Driver (s) : not sure who is in the #2, but there's no mistaken Buzzie in the "Double Nothin"
Location: Lanhorne, PA
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: A Stan Fan
Comments: I am told this is Langhorne although I only remember the view from a scaffold on top of my dad's pick up truck parked on the inside of turn 1.  Maybe you guys can help out for sure on the location and the identify of who is in the #2.
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07/07/03 John Mc I believe the guy's name was Graeme Bolia, and he ran Shangri-La...? JMc
07/10/03 Scott Pacich I don't know why, but I'm thinking this might be Jim Hurtibise in the 2? John, I remember Graeme Bolia driving a neat looking coupe, but number 15. Ford powered.....
07/10/03 Jim Brewer This photo was taken at Langhorne during the 1970 National Open weekend - - the race was run on October 11. Jim Hurtubise drove the Gil Bruss #2 (At times this car was #22 or #0). Herk started 7th and finished 5th, while Buzzie started 18th and finished 10th. Merv Treichler won the race from a 4th starting spot.
07/10/03 Steve O'Hanlon I believe that the driver of the # 2 at Langhorne was New Yorker Jim Hurtubise in the Gil Bruss car. I know he drove this car at various tracks during this era. Thanks, Steve O'Hanlon
07/10/03 3-Wide Thanks guys for providing the info on Jim Hurtibise.  (If the thing was orange with a nice #56 slapped on the side I would have figured it out!)  Jim was always a favorite of mine and to this day, I still consider #56 a lucky number.  Here's a little story about #56:

A few years ago I got to meet Danny Hieber from Bucks County, PA as I was talking to him regarding getting some exposure on the #11 Modified that he was campaigning at the time at New Egypt.  I meet him at the Bucks County International Dealership and he gave me a quick tour of a building where they keep some racing stuff.   Sitting there was a beatiful  open wheel car that was orange with a #56 on it.   (It was the car that Danny's brother Gary was competing with in the Silver Bullet series at the time.)  Off the top of my head I said, wow, that reminds me of Jim Hurtibise who I used to root for when I was a kid and Danny proceded to tell me that was exactly why the car was painted that way!  It seems that back in the 60's, Danny's dad "Red" used to drive one of the tow trucks at Langhorne and got to know Jim Hurtibise real well. 

There's a lot of tradition in this sport, it's just not always real obvious....  By the way, Danny and his whole crew are some of the nicest, most professional people you could ever work with!  Having that car painted and numbered like "Herk" was a great jesture on their part. 

I had alway's heard the story of how Jim had his hands burned very badly in a crash.  Nobody could have blamed him if he had decided to quit racing at that point, but instead, Jim told the doctors to just make them (his hands) so that he would still be able to grip a steering wheel when he recovered.  He did go on to drive another day and then some...