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Photo ID# 09.03.02_099_GRP_TRN_0070_1
Car #: 99, 34, 72
Driver: Geoff Bodine #99, Satch Worley #72, #34???
Location: Trenton
Date: 1972?
Photographer: 3-Wide
Photo provided by: 3-Wide
Provider's comments: Cars positioned for the start of the Race of Champions at Trenton, NJ
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03/11/03 Mark S This from the 1972 Trenton Race of Champions where the starting lineup was: 1. Maynard Troyer #6 (finished 54th out of 55 starters), 2. Paul Radford #26 (finished 29th), 3. winner Geoff Bodine #99, 4. Max Berrier #12 (renumbered 72 ?, and he finished 39th), and I'm guessing starting 6th was 2nd place finisher Gene Bergin in that Coupe #34. I believe Satch Worley was in the #45 that year and not the #72; he finished 20th. I'm currently in the process of finishing up the 1972-1991 Race of Champions rundowns and assorted information for a website. That picture really "brought me back" to that race because it was before my time! I'm 33 years old........
12/17/03 Jim Kilts You (Mark S.) are correct - Satch drove the #45 Mason's Garage coupe at Trenton in '72, which I believe was a '37 Plymouth.  I have several old b&w photos that I took of that car at Trenton.  It was the first time I saw Satch drive and I went on to become a big fan of his.  Jim Kilts - Atlanta, GA