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Photo ID # 09.03.02_117_AUL_FLM_0075_1
Car #: 11-7
Driver: George Ault
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1975
Photographer: 3-Wide
Photo provided by: 3-Wide
Provider's comments: (1 photo of 2) George Ault was a favorite of mine who had a lot of success in the Sportsman division and then had this terrible flip in the Modified division. 

It's tough to tell in this picture, but the rear bumper, (all 5 feet of it), flew up over our heads on the top row like a boomerang, and landed behind the first turn stands. One of the wheels came through the chicken wire (sometimes refered to as a debris catch fence), and in an unbelievably lucky event, the wheel landed on the "down- ramp walkway", (instead of actually on someone), and rolled at a high rate of speed behind the stands.  (I think it struck a security worker who I heard got a broken leg, but it could have been a lot worse.)
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01/14/03 Bill Hanna I don't know where you were seated, but you must have been right near where I sat for my teen years with my girlfriend and now wife of over twenty years. We were also at this location, and I also remember that another wheel with axle attached flew over our heads and landed in the parking lot behind us on the trunk of a car in the lot. We sat right on the corner of the stands with the Readington Volunteer Fire Company booth below us, famous for clams during the annual fair. This wreck happened in the mid 70's.  Bill Hanna Easton PA
02/06/03 Bobby A. I must agree, thats where I sat also for many all my youth at Flemington, and even have a similar PIC the was given to me by another fan in that area. I have to see who took the PIC but it was cool
05/13/03 RJJKSHIVE I, too, was sitting there as the bumper sailed over our heads into the parking lot! Glad to see a few 70s 1st turn fans survived.The tire did knock down a security guy who my brother( who sold programs in the 70s) heard say afterwards,"Jesus Christ,ya can't even stand behind the bleachers anymore!"
12/03/03 Paul Garzillo I'm amazed that you got a picture of this memorable flip. My brothers and I talk about this one often. It was a heat race and Georgie Ault started on the pole. One the first lap into the 1st turn he gunned it and got loose-and that Eberesole chassis came apart. I remember the bumper  going overhead, and the tire hitting the handrail just to my right where a woman was seated with her child. needless to say, they left. the tire bent the railing into a "U". It may be my brothers head in the 2nd photo.What a place Flemington was!
01/19/04 Clint Bush This picture brings back memerios my dad was working at flemington in security. he was going to the office to check in when the tire hit the railing of the standsand shot down behind them. it hit him and spun him around like a top.all he got out of was a twisted knee and sore muscles. thanks for all the good pictures
10/22/06 Kyle Im Kyle.  He is my grandfather George Ault.   If you see on his car it had a 11 and 7 on it.  That is his daughters birthday who is my mom.  I heard about the crash but I never seen a picture of it because my grandfather never told me about it but he told me the website and I am at his house right now typing this.
10/22/06 3-Wide George was a very good runner at Flemington.  I remember him being real strong in the white #11-7 with Snoopy riding along on the quarter panel.
01/23/07 Mike Garwood I remember sitting in the first turn stands when George flipped. He stopped at the first turn wall with Lee DeVault (my uncle) in the white and yellow #22 gremlin blurred in this picture slid up and stopped right before hitting George's upside down car. Lee helped George out of the car and then continued the race.