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Photo ID # 11.02.03_X15_TAY_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #X-15
Driver (s) : Larry Taylor or Lee Taylor or Jim Briggs???
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: George Garies
Comments: Not sure who's at the whell here, but I remember Larry Taylor often drove this car.  I also remember the very 70ish paintjob and thought it was pretty cool.  If I remember right it had almost a feather look or fish scales look to the gold and maroon areas on the body and hood.
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12/14/03 Steve K On this particular night at ews Jim Briggs was driving and the cool paint was done by KOZ. Steve K. 12/13/03
10.14.13 Kevin Budden

George, this is a great photo! I can remember when I first saw this car at East Windsor, it was such an attention getter. Is this body whats left of a Nova shell ??

10.14.13 3Wide I think it was considered a Buick Apollo which was Buick's version of the Nova.