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Photo ID # 11.06.03_012_HEA_UNK_0070_1
Car #: #12
Driver (s) : Gil Hearne
Location: Unknown
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Dick Scoonermaker
Comments: What a great looking little coupe.  I always remember how low the hood looked on this car and thought it was way cool.  I don't remember how Gil did in this car, but I think Gil concentrated on asphalt shortly after this car.  I was told by John McCaughey that this car later became the white #K46 driven by Kerry Schloeder which makes sense because I always thought that car was way cool too, but just never but the whole thing together...
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11/19/03 Terry Kelleher  I don't know for sure but is this one of the two Chevy Coupes Gill first drove for Walt Emery very early in the 1970's?  I recall that in their original configuration one was red and gold, the other was blue and gold.  They were carried the sponsorship name of "Emery's Garage" (perhaps Walt Emery owned the two cars too).  This was the time period when one could race a car on either dirt or Macadam with just a few adjustments to the suspension. All that would change by 1970/1972.

I note that the car is painted in bright Orange and numbered 12 the trademark of Tom Durkin (think that's his truck too).   Durkin and Hearn became a Dream Team.  Tom, an easy going soul and Gill the ever patient and calculating racer.  Together they won 100 features at Wall Stadium.    Gill was so smooth!  Tom was always a pleasant man to talk with.           

02/26/04 Jerry Appears to have the Tom Durkin appearance/clean car! no chrome yet!
06/15/04 AJB I remember the cars well. God I just loved when coupes and sedans had fuel injection stacks sticking out of the hood. While Gil and Durkin where a dream team at Wall I believe Gil's association with Durkin kind of put an end to Gil's racing away from Wall as Durkin had no interest in racing at other tracks. Correct me if I'm wrong.
09/01/04 jerry h ajb-correct!  started hittin' different tracks in the mid-70s islip/trenton etc-the only track i really remember Gil drivin was new egypt (when paved) in paul blairs gremlin?  charlie kremer used to show up at trenton/joe severage i remember also from wall/remember charlie in a made for big-track mustang II that ran at wall later as a mod/steve berg?-driver 
06/08/05 don w. Besides racing Paul Blair's Gremlin at New Egypt, he also drove a red #27 there that I believe was his own car.  I remember attending a race at New Egypt in the 80's, the Mercantanti Ford 150.  Richie Evans won but Gil chased him all night to finish second.
01/15/06 TRDarkshadows I would bet the location of this picture is Middletown. The light, the concrete wall in the backround, it looks like the access road running to the cross over gate outside turns 3 and 4.
12/22/06 Mike Clissold This is Orange County for sure  - would recognize them (lights) anywhere. I think they got them from the 1964 Worlds Fair in Queens.