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Photo ID # 11.22.03_027_McC_BRI_0070_1
Car #: #27, #00
Driver (s) : Bob McConnell, Al Horger and others  (See responses below)
Location: Bridgeport, NJ?
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Bruce Barmore
Photo provided by: Ralph Richards
Comments: Let's see... we have kind of a Pinto looking deal, next to a Coupe, next to a Sedan, Being followed by a Gremlin along side of one of them Whatchamacallitz...  Back in the 70's you weren't sure what you'd see out there but one thing is for sure, it was a lot more interesting than the flat paneled creations of today.  Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of guys spend a lot of time making their cars look beautiful, and the rules are pretty specific regarding allowable bodies, but you can't convince me that having body templates of make believe cars who's names don't even resemble their actual stock body style is good for the sport.  (At least not the spectator side...)

Like I said above, I don't know what that "Whatchamacallitz" actually is heading up the rear of this pack, but I'd root like hell for it if it ever showed up at New Egypt one week!

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12/12/03 Jim Jobes I might be wrong but the whatchamacallitz might just be a mustang body. Jim Jobes And John Megill fan forever
06/21/06 Andrew Jefferson I believe that the middle 06 car is either me or Frank Mangone (Central Jersey Welding). This was an old modified that had been wrecked and then resurrected by 2 guys who didn't know any better. The motor was a small block ford from Frank's drag racing car. This picture is from either Flemington or East Windsor, I believe. We were partners for a while in 1973.
Thanks for the memories.
Andrew Jefferson
06/12/07 wayne tbag coffey The driver of the 27 is ARDC Midget driver Lew Blair.  Lew drove for me in the mid 70's at both the Port and Flemington.   
02.25.13 tdmnz101

The 27 may be Bones Anderson.  The car up by the wall could be the 5JP driven by Tom Emmons and owned by the late Joe Pratt.  The track is Bridgeport.