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Photo ID # 11.22.03_007_SEV_WAL_0070_1
Car #: #7
Driver (s) : Joe Severage
Location: Wall Stadium, Wall, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Unknown Possibly Tim Wojihowicz (not sure of the spelling and if that was his last name). He was the grandson of Jennie Nicol. He ran Timmy's photo stand in the concourse - Kevin Eyres
Photo provided by: George Gareis
Comments: Track Champion Joe Severage getting the job done in one of the last of the Coupes to have still found their way to victory lane.
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2/10/04 Jerry I was there that night believe he won the garden state classic/pretty car-now restored and owned by ray shea/believe tom baldwin sr built it/ran on long island before sal parrino bought it for the 75 racing season
05/07/04 Jerry 1975/ I graduated high school! had a b block torino/went to wall every sat nite/then would go to the circut in asbury park (anybody remember?) those days are gone! p.s. remember listining to frampton comes alive on 8 tracks!
05/07/04 3-Wide Seen Frampton lately?....  He looks like he's 90!  (Of course none of us have aged - right???...)  Thank You! (obscure Frampton reference there...)
08/25/04 Jerry This was tom baldwin's last coupe!   sold it to sal parrino before the 75 season/last coupe to win a mod championship at wall! believe tom baldwin may be one of the last guys to run coupe to cavaliers!   Really aint got no heros left/guys that built there own cars/unique individuals! -o-well/time for beers and memories!

Anyway/thanks for the memories TIGER TOM and rest in peace!-ps tell charlie and richie i said hi/jerry

11/30/04 Jerry H Yes 3-wide! I did see Frampton lately!   Havent met you yet but I will bet we dooo look better than him---ps we could be like ozzy and not remember what we do!