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Photo ID # 11.23.03_011_HOF_MAT_0070_1
Car #: #11's
Driver (s) : Jim Hoffman
Location: Mataway, NJ  Keyport, NJ (Thanks Mike)
Date: 1970's
Photographer: John Sienko
Photo provided by: John Sienko
Comments: Another home made picture (often the best) provided by John Sienko of duelling 11's here outside of this (Keyport) Repair facility.  I know that Mullaney Tire was on the coupe and I'm not sure if this is the same building that they are located in or not.  Maybe some of you locals can give us the "down low"...  These are both cool looking cars, but I'll take the coupe please...
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11/24/03 Kevin Newman This has to be my most favorite Coupe of all time!!! This was a real work of art.  I spent hours drawing this car over and over on my bookcovers (the brown paper kind from an A+P grocery bag)  Hoffman had a huge stickshift, kinda like the BIG DADDY ROTH cartoons, My buds and I always imitated his "shift move" as he entered the track. My old racing buds.... "Quinny, the CHEF, and BIG WAL".... Sure miss those guys!
12/12/03 Mike The two Jimmy Hoffman car washing pictures are in Keyport.  It's in front of the old Buhler & Bittner Chrysler dealer before they built the place on Rt. 35.  I was also told that the coupe became Ray Evernham's first modified, but I'm not sure.                                      
02/10/04 MerJer i believe brian ellison drove this coupe a cpl yrs in sportsman division at wall/then ed moench drove/ray everhams first mod ride was a former andy defelice vega at a/c speedway /i know cause i helped pit! thats how he got hooked up w/ bauma farms
06/16/04 Tom Englehard My Dad asked Jim Hoffman one time,   "How do you get a 494cu motor in that car?" The reply was "Well....you take a paint brush and......." Those were great times with great personalities.
09/04/05 Tom Steger These pictures were outside the repair shop Jim Hoffman had (owned?)  in Keyport.  I remember it well - especially when I got to meet Jim and as a 7 or 8 year old ( in about 1975).  I got told if I had $1500 dollars I could buy one of the racecars.
02/04/05 Greg These pictures where taken next to the old buhler and bitter shop in Keyport.  Dick Owen bought it and rented part of the back to Jim Hoffmen, Bobby Thomas, John Burns and many others.  Dick ran his cars out of here towards the end of racing years.

Jim Hoffmen had his shop here until he moved to Fla.   Dick sold the building and his Plinting business in 1976.  Bobby Thomas worked out of his house on Maple Place until he took his job at IROC and Charlie Kojsza later rented then bought the building.  Charlie ran his business and his racing program out of there C&M enterprises until he sold and moved to the old Air Marine in keport. The building is now a antique shop.