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Photo ID # 11.26.03_004_McC_FLM_0074_1
Car #: #4
Driver (s) : Craig McCaughey
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1974
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: John McCaughey
Comments: If it's possible to be in total control of a car while sliding totally sideways at 90 - 100 mph, aiming straight for a wall, but drifting to the side while looking out the side window... well, this is it!  Craig looks like he has the McMann purple #4 in such control that if you look at this picture long enough, it almost looks like he is sitting still in turn 2 with the wheels turned to the right.  At this point, some credit has to go to the outstanding photography here as Ace has caught this moment of intense action and captured it in a way that shows grace and control.  (It's hard to see, but if you look close, you can see an "M" as the front bumper which probably represented Matt McMann (owner).
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