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Photo ID # 11.28.03_VAR_GRP_TRN_0072_1
Car #: #01, 77, 12 & 11
Driver (s) : Not sure of the #01, but it's Charlie Kremer in the #77, Jim Martz in the King Chevorlet 12 (really 121) and Ray Hendricks in the Tant-Mitchell 11.  (See note from David below regarding the #01)
Location: Trenton, NJ
Date: 1972
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Tom Berry
Comments: I was probably their on this day at Trenton in 1972.  We used to kind of take the races for granted, but I sure miss the old place now.
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01/09/03 David Bentley The #01 in the Trenton shot is Eddie Rafferty.
12.30.09 Jay Mooney Definitely Eddie Rafferty in the #01 (usually numbered 04). Definitely Trenton. However, this is not the 1972 RoC. This particular car of Rafferty's, which was owned by Binghamton NY's Wes German, was destroyed at Langhorne in October of 1970.

I would say this photo was taken in August of 1970, quite possibly the Sam Nunis promoted, NASCAR sanctioned 200 lap National Championship event there. That race was won by Ray Hendrick. Rafferty finished 10th. Charlie Kramer finished 16th. Jim Martz was 19th.
05.24.18 George McCormick

Ray won in 69, I believe one of the Triechlers won in 70. If Kremer is in the coach its not 72 they ran a Mustang in 72.