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Photo ID # 12.05.03_023_FIT_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #23
Driver (s) : Glenn Fitzcharles
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: July 17, 1976
Photographer: Paul Garzillo
Photo provided by: Paul Garzillo
Comments: Comment provided by Paul Garzillo:  A shot outside the pit entrance at Flemington, 1976.  This was the same nite George Ault flipped (Ihave the program). They had 3 Modified features that nite-won by Brenn, Ploski and Chamberlain. Glenn Fitzcharles won alot of races in this Ebersole Chassis #23 modified.  Whether it was the #R10, Sesely #16, #GO, #35 or you name it, Glen is a hall of famer in anything with a motor. I still get chills thinking of him a sprint car at Flemington.  (That's my brother Mark with his 70's hair to the right.)  
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12/12/03 Jeff McClung I remember when this car debut, this car came after his classic "Old Reliable" was finally taken out of commision. This was really one of the first smaller is better type car, more aerodynamics are starting to show up in new cars.  He won alot of races with this mount.   I was always surprised that Ebersol did not build alot more race cars in this era - he built a stout car!
12/14/03 Fred Voorhess This car was one of the most agile cars at Flemington ever!  I remember Glenn bobbing and weaving through the field in this modified like no other could.  It seemed as if it could literally turn on a dime.   It was a dominant car.