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Photo ID # 12.07.02_069_CHA_TRN_0070_1
Car #: 69 (otherwise known as Sixty Nine)
Driver: Guy Chartrand
Location: Trenton
Date: 1972?
Photographer: 3-Wide
Photo provided by: 3-Wide
Provider's comments: One of my top 5 all time favorite cars.  All I can say is that in the early 70's, if you didn't think this car was the coolest thing on asphalt, then you probably also liked the Bay City Rollers.  This car was on Scott Pacich all time favorite list as well
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12/07/02 Photo Nutt It's the coolest Barracuda I've ever seen!
02/04/04 MerJer This car should have been a reproduction for the vintage circuit by now! Original car can't be around/any info?
09/02/04 Jerry you dont see a crowd around todays cars like back then!    all had different personalities-bodies-exept for the paint jobs/the kids today cant pick the car they wanna root for the next 20 yrs!
3/21/08 Weaververona A guy by the name of Eric Leeson owns this car and is restoring it. He belongs to the midstate antique stock car club.
05/10/07 David Sprung J. Guy was a regular at Albany-Saratoga on Friday nights in the early 70's.Just A totally beautiful car!! What a time that was!! Evans, Cook,Desarro, Bug... plus the guys that drove asphalt and dirt like Lazzaro & Lape and others as the other two tracks in the area were Fonda & Lebanon Valley.