Photo ID # 12.28.02_060_DRA_FLM_0070_2
Car #: 60
Driver (s) : George Drake
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Dave Spurlin
Photo provided by: Dave Spurlin
Comments: Not the way you want to have to get back on to the pits.  My guess based on the direction of the wreckers, the first turn boards won again...  George had some great runs at Flemington, but not on this day...
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01/02/03 Dave Spurlin While looking... I found that #60. The coupe on the hook was George Drake. There was a picture of that accident so my guess is that was about the last time out for that one so he built the sedan.
01/02/03 3-Wide Hey, John Mc - Looks like Oldtimer was right again!
04/05/03 Mark Burd George's brother John Drake owned this car. George now races Slingshots and his number is 37.