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Photo ID # d01.27.07_305_DeG_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #305
Driver (s) : Fred DeGroot
Location: EWS
Date: 1970
Photographer: Bob Becker
Photo provided by: Bob Becker
Comments: Well... The rules probably stated that it had to have a stock American passenger car body... with a stock roof.... but I don't know if it said anything about where the roof had to be placed on the body!  Looks pretty cool to me and check out that exhaust too.   (Unfortunately this looks like another one of those square tubing caged cars that probably like most, eventually got scrapped. )
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01/30/07 Joe Meshach I always thought his car was cool. He was one of my favorite Sportsman drivers of the '70s that raced at Middletown.
02/04/07 Kevin Mc Looks like a very short wheel base. Almost as short as a sprinter.
02/04/07 3-Wide You know what's kinda strange about your comment Kevin is that it reminds me that one of my all time favorite cars from the late 60's of early in 1970 was a real L - O - N - G Falcon that I think was driven by Fred DeGroot.  I remember trying to make an HO car look like it.  It was even longer than Lenny Martin's cool looking yellow #4 Falcon.  I think it was also a #305, but I think it was grey... definitely not painted like this one.  I'm wondering if this short car above wasn't built to replace that one? 

You know... try something different and see if it works?
04/22/07 Phil Betza On the other side of car. It looks like Fred was talking to Craig McCaughey who was sitting on r/r tire.