Photo ID # H09.29.11_004_McC_FLM_0075_1
Car #: #4
Driver (s) : Craig McCaughey
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1975?
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Ace Lane Jr.
Comments: Matt McMann owned many cars through the years that competed in dirt and on asphalt.  From what we've learned, this is probably the last of them... this time with big Craig McCaughey behind the wheel.  We're told that this car was later sold to Bob Ayres who repainted it slate blue/gray and renumbered it as the #69.  The car was later sold to Billy Waite and renumbered with a different style lettering, but still as a #69.
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09.29.11 John Larsen Joe- I am sure you must remember my dad. Well there he is standing on the trailer of the 47 leaning on the tire rack with his floppy hat He is just above the back of the roof on the 4 car. Also as Billy Joel so eloquently said- "it's a pretty good crowd for a Saturday" judging by how packed the 3rd turn stands are. I am pretty sure that Paul Kuhl was smiling as we all went to the races to forget about life for a while!
09.30.11 3Wide Yea John... When this picture was taken, me and my dad were sitting up in turn one, probably on row 2, right on the aisle, in the seats that George and Sophia Curtis from Staten Island would save for us each week.  I don't think you were old enough to get in the pits yet either, so I'm guessing you probably weren't too far away, right?  (By the way, I think I one of those guys standing in the top row of turn 3 was a guy another guy named "Paul" (a real estate novelist...)
10.02.11 Tim Weber I remember the purple 4 which was a Mulligan car, and Gary Balough became the first guy I ever saw drive right past Stan Ploski at Windsor. I'm thinking the one in the picture might be the coach rebodied? I think the Mulligan had a longer body. Someone set me straight please. I never heard of Gary Balough before that night, and I was stunned, along with everyone else.

I think that car went to Ferriuolo? *sp? and became a maroon and white #73,

Tim Weber
10.27.11 Scotrohner Gary Balough drove the #9 which then became the #73 and this car is not it.