Photo ID # H10.07.11_076_CHE_NAZ_0070_1
Car #: #76
Driver (s) : Pete Chesson? (see note below)
Location: Nazareth PA
Date: 1974?
Photographer: Jack Kromer
Photo provided by: Jack Kromer
Comments: The "Pete Chesson Seventy Six"....  Definitely something different.  Had a lot of new suspension ideas and I'm not sure which worked and which different.  The car would later go through some changes and Stan Ploski would end up winning a big extra distance race at the end of the 1973 season in it.
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10.09.11 John Stover Looks like the 2nd turn at Nazareth
10.10.11 John Mc Pretty sure that's Tommy Gilman driving the car at Nazareth. This is the car that was in Hot Rod magazine, unfortunately it never lived up to it's hype and not only did it never win anything, I don't think it ever even qualified for anything...
10.10.11 3Wide Thanks for the corrected info John.  I did some checking and found that the car that Stan won the Flemington 200 to close out 1973 was a Chesson owned car, and it was a Pinto body, but it was totally different.  The body was mostly white and the car had a more upright look to it, like a traditional dirt modified. 

Based on what you guys have told me, I think this is what eventually became of the car that Stan won the 200 lapper in:

Here's a picture of the low slung #76 in action at Flemington in early 1974:

I don't have the high resolution of the above image, so I'm not able to zoom in and see who is behind the wheel.  That's probably Al Michalchuk in the #4 which would put this photo as either April or May of 1974.

Speaking of low slung cars, the only other car that I remember seeing attempt to run Modifieds with this low slung asphalt approach as the #76 in the black and white photo above at Flemington was Gerald Chamberlain in a Gremlin style bodied #76, and I'm guessing that was sometime in the early 80's. 

I didn't know that Tommy Gilman drove this car.... Just remember him in the #333, a Mustang bodied #5 with a real high roof, and a little blue Burnett built #8 that looked like exactly like the Larry Bower's built #1B (and a few others.)

I do remember Pete Chesson being announced as the driver of a #76 at some point...  Did he run one of his cars in 1972 or possibly before?
10.10.11 Brian C. Loutrel This is the 1974 version of the Chesson 76. It was lower and more complicated than the 1973 car, which Stan Ploski won the 1973 Flemington 200 in. The 1974 car was revolutionary for two reasons - its much lower stance than other modifieds of the day, and it had both front and rear independent suspension. The Bullock 76 and Alfrey 47 both had front independent suspension but not rear independent suspension.

The car was featured in a 1974 issue of Hot Rod magazine. Stan Ploski drove the 1974 car along with several other drivers. That does not look like Stan behind
the wheel in this picture - the helmet has no visor (Stan wore one), it is all white (Stan wore a red-white-blue helmet in 1974) and the dust mask is too dark (Stan's was a tan color.)

Like the 1973 Chesson car, it also had the small block 350 Chevy engine.

Despite all the hoopla over the car's suspension technology and its sleek appearance, it ran like a dog. It never won a feature, and it never got hooked up well enough to be competitive. Too bad - it would have looked nice in Flemington's victory lane, especially with Stan behind the wheel!
10.10.11 3Wide Thanks John and Brian for the updated/corrected info.  What was the order of the Pete Chesson #76's:
10.11.11 John Mc 1st one:  and 

2nd one:  and

3rd one:  which I believe had a Dodge Colt body...