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Photo ID # a08.25.04_011_HEN_LAN_0070_1
Car #: #11
Driver (s) : Ray Hendrick
Location: Langhorne
Date: early 70's
Photographer: Jim Parsons
Photo provided by: Mark Yaple (and Jim Parsons)
Comments: Virginian Ray Hendrick was always a contender in the big money races at Langhorne and Trenton.
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01/13/05 Kevin Varanyak This is not Langhorne.  Ray drove the coupe there and also the first year at the race of champions this car ran Trenton in the last race of champions at Trenton. I'm not sure but I think that Ray was the last driver to win the race of champions in a coupe at Trenton . The coupe is pictured here somewhere in the vault one of the lowest coupes you'll ever see!
01/15/05 3-Wide I think it's Langhorne....  Looks like the cars have PA license plates, fans parked in the infield, and the abulance on the right says "Bucks County" on the roof.  I do remember Ray in this car at Trenton, but I'm sticking with Langhorne on this one...