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Photo ID # a10.23.04_X15_TAY_BPT_0070_1
Car #: #X15
Driver (s) : Larry Taylor... or is that Lee....?
Location: Bridgeport, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Darlene Gresh Collection
Comments: I remember the X-15 being driven by Jim Briggs and by Larry Taylor, but maybe you guys remember more....  This was a neat looking car as  I think it sported a narrowed Buick Apollo body which looked really unique out on the track in a sea of Gremlins and Pintos!  Might be a Weld car in the background...
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02/22/05 Jason Duppel mug shot!
10/16/05 Molsen856 I believe that is Bob Duppel, Larry Taylor, & Jim Briggs near the back of the car.
07/29/06 Carol Parks That photo is Bobby Parks, Larry Taylor next to him and Lee Taylor, don't know end person. 
07/30/06 3Wide Well, I'm not much help here, but I only see one of the Taylor twins and I'm not sure if it's Lee or Larry.  If known, please provide the names for all of those in the photo above, starting with the fellow on the left with the hat and then proceed from left to right.  Thanks!
06.05.12 gylang145 The person on the far right end is Edward Heston Sr.