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Photo ID # a11.03.04_007_GRB_FLM_0072_1
Car #: #7 & #11
Driver (s) : Mike Grbac and Dave Hollenbach
Location: Flemington
Date: 1972
Photographer: Bill Young
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden
Comments: Mike Grbac in the VERY purple and yellow #7 sedan following The Judge, aka "Stump Jumper" Dave Hollenbach
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11/04/04 Walter Onora Mike was a versatile driver for quite a few car owners. This particular sedan was out of Staten Island. This was one of the King Chevrolet mounts.
11/04/04 3-Wide I remember the #121 (Beavers) and the #122 (Dmuchowski) King Chevrolet Team cars from around 1974 or so...  Didn't know that King was also involved in the purple #7.  There's a picture somewhere else in the Vault of Mike in a purple and yellow #7 coupe at Trenton or Langhorne too.
11/05/04 John Mc That #7 car was actually repainted later as the 122.
04/03/07 Pamela Thompson My father, Don Deese was one of the car owners on the #11 sedan that Dave Hollenbach is driving in that picture. That car was way ahead of it's time with the use of chrome molly tubing and computer aided design. The rule book was also thickened up quite a bit after the officials at Windsor and Flemington got a look at this thing!
04/03/07 3Wide Pretty sure that this is the car shown on one of the Snyder video's where he comes right through the inside wooden guardrail at Flemington.  Boards went flying, but surprisingly, the car didn't look that bad.
04/03/07 Pamela Thompson Yep...that is the one. The car had chrome moly bumpers on it. I was just a kid but I remember everyone standing around at the shop wondering how the thing busted up the fence like that and hardly knocked the paint off the bumper! Such a shame that car never got to show it's true potential. I still have the frame.