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Photo ID # a11.05.04_024_BRE_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #24
Driver (s) : Ken Brenn Jr.
Location: Flemington
Date: 1974 or 75?
Photographer: Bill Young
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden
Comments: Ken Brenn Jr. takes the inside line (over the well worn tires that used to separate the racing surface from the inner pull off lane (not!).   The more technical of you out there will surely note the unique front suspension of this good looking Gremlin.  The less technical of us will note the luggage rack!  

Either way, we can all agree that this was a good looking car that exemplifies the changing of the guard from back yard techology to a more sophisticated approach to doing it in the dirt....

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11/13/04 R&M Scott Wasnt this the Trevis-Craft built car that Ploski ran with a coupe body on???
11/13/04 3-Wide .... you know, the front of this thing does look kinda familiar...
11/17/04 Bob Hummer Sr. I always liked the shutters that Ken Brenn Sr. had on His race cars. They were sort of functional like the shutters on heavy duty trucks. I always admired this car and I must say it was one of My all time favorites, this and all the Brenn cars were always neat and top shelf equipment ! These Brenn cars were definitely leaders in technology in dirt racing.
11/24/04 Paul Madsen The cantilever front shocks were also on Jimmy Klims 747 and Pete Madsens 82 before the Brenns. Thanks Paul Madsen
06/24/05 Brian Loutrel This was the Bob Rossell chassis car that Stan Ploski drove in 1973, and
Ken Brenn Jr. won his first modified feature (a 50 lapper at East Windsor)
in 1975. This photo is from 1975.