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Photo ID # a11.12.04_019_029_REA_0070_1
Car #: #29 & 19
Driver (s) : Kenny' Weld and Kenny Brightbill
Location: Reading
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ken Johnson
Photo provided by: Ken Johnson
Comments: This picture features a "Pair of Kens", but for any one who saw these 2 greats run... a "Pair of Kings" is more appropriate. 

There's so much to this picture... The track, the cars, the drivers, the motion capture by the photographer...  A lot of ingenuity in both of these cars... 

Photo taken by and provided by another great Ken...  Ken Johnson!

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11/13/04 John Stover This looks like opening day of 1975. And that fellow on the inside was the best I have ever seen. Thanks, John Stover
11/13/04 Wayne Urffer This picture is awesome! AWESOME! Two of the all time great dirt trackers, in cars that are still recognizable as being manufactured on planet earth.    Could have been any Saturday evening when I was in high school. In fact, I might have been there for this race! Oh, man! Those were the good old days!
11/28/04 Steven Fegley That's 1975 - only year Brightbill's car was painted that way, however it has to be Friday not Sat.   Opening day 1976, Kenny B was in the Statewide Gremlin, and this car became John Kozaks #31.  Of course Kenny W is in Bob Weikert's #29 (the car that changed modified racing forever.)
02/05/06 Matt Bahre Throughout this terrific site there are many pictures of Weld cars and some wonder which is which?

Well... here's how you can tell the difference...
On both sides of the front end you can just make out the front weight jack bolts sticking up. Kenny had these on this first (in board) suspension car but did not incorporate them into any others he built.

Also, the roof line and cage has a forward rake to it. The cars he built and sold the next year sat with a flat roof line and even seemed to rake back slightly with small tires mounted.

The other car/s he built had coil overs and plenty of roof rake!
02/04/07 HoyerDoxie I believe this the fall of 1975 when they ran usac sprints and modifieds ran
the same day weld loaned a sprinter to Brightbill.  Weld won the sprint main, Brightbill won the modified main, with Weld finishing second.