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Photo ID # a11.21.04_011_GRA_MID_0070_1
Car #: #11
Driver (s) : Chuck Gravatt
Location: Unknown
Date: 1976
Photographer: Milt Gravatt
Photo provided by: Chuck Gravett
Comments: That picture was taken by my brother (Milt) in 1976 (probably May or June). I had just backed the car out of my garage and was preparing to load it on the trailer for it's first trip to Middletown.  
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11/21/04 3-Wide This car was nominated by Jim Maxson for our "What a Body" page and I couldn't agree more!  Jim mentioned that he thought Chuck was an Auto Shop teacher but Chuck let us know that he was actually a high school science teacher for 17 years in West Milford. 

Side note: My 8 year old just walked in while I was posting this picture and said, "Whooooaa - Who's car is that?  Wow is that cool!" 

I wish there was something running around the short tracks today that he could get as excited about....

Really cool car Chuck and thanks to Jim Maxson for bringing it to the attention of the Vault!

11/22/04 Scott Pacich Love the shock towers!
11/22/04 R. Blake Wow, great looking car, but I laughingly ask, "Does this car has enough hood scoop"?. R. Blake
11/22/04 3-Wide I have to laughingly respond to your question with one of my own...   "Can you ever have too much hood scoop!"  Don't know if he could see the front wheels, but I think Chuck was onto something as that scoop is high enough to act as a sail panel to keep it stable in the turns!  Wonder whatever happened to this car?
11/25/04 Chuck I built this modified for the 1975 season and ran it at Middletown.   Unfortunately, there were a lot of mid-season rule changes (disc brakes allowed, limit on size of injectors, eventually outlawing injectors and requiring gas, carbs and fuel cells except in "open" shows) that year and I couldn't keep up financially (on a teacher's salary).

I ran it in open shows at Middletown for several years, than around 1981, I sold the engine to a couple of guys that ran it in a prostock dragster for almost a decade. The injectors went to an alcohol outlaw drag racer in Michigan and I traded the rolling chassis (to a young guy that wanted to build a Sportsman) for a 71 Camaro street stock body and rollcage. He never finished the car, but he did eventually move South and I think he was the rear tire man on Mark Martin's pit crew for several years. I believe he still works for Rousch in one of the fabrication shops.

I finished the Camaro and ran it for a couple of years in the Expert Street Stock class until 84 when the rules changed again and this change meant I would have moved back to a sportsman or modified.   Financial considerations and a career change (requiring lots of domestic and international travel) made my decision for me.  I won a feature in the last year of competition with the Camaro and then sold it to a guy that was going to run it at Wall.

Probably a lot more information than you wanted to know. Anyway, no body else ran the modified and it was eventually parted out. I chose the Vega wagon body because it was something different. The doors, in fact, were actually cut down doors from the 55 chevy late model body I ran in 71 and 72.

11/25/04 3-Wide Thanks for the the above info Chuck.  Sounds like a lot of work went into all of your projects.  I know guys work hard today, but to me there is still something amazing about how many people back in the day did all the fabrication themself.  
11/08/05 Steve G Last post to this thread was a year ago. Wonder if this will be inserted or seen... Anyway, I remember that car well. Chuck was a high school chum of my older brother. Later, he was actually my high school science teacher for at least one year, maybe two.

Anyway, being the cool guy that he was, Chuck let me and my buddy Mark sign up for pit passes at Middletown, saying we were mechanics on his car. Of course, we never touched the car. Sure was a blast pretending we were 17 year old race car mechanics though.

I just popped some names in Google at random from my high school days. Kids, teachers...... Found this page. The internet can be just too cool sometimes.
12/26/05 barry pursell. Did Wayne Reutimann have anything with this body style?  It looks like it had a 00jr pasted on it one time in the past.