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Car #: # See comment below
Driver (s) : See comment below
Location: Flemington
Date: Late 70's?
Photographer: Paul Irving
Photo provided by: Paul Irving
Comments: Well, we used this for our 11/21/04 Trivia Question and here's who you guys came up with:  From front to back....   #3 Rich Polenz, #43 Roger Furstenberg, (unknown), #4 Lou Lazzaro , #30 John Kozak , #23K Curt Krazer , (Unknown blue & gold car... Bill Tanzosh? or possibly a #96???), #64 Ken Johnson, #125 Roger Laureno (along the very inside), #61 CD Coville, #32 Gary Bouc, Jimmy Brenn #24 and #76Gerald Chamberlain.
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09/06/04 Paul Madsen CD Coville was one of my favorite outsiders that would come to Flemington. He may have never won but he put on a good show.  
11/25/04 Shelly and Gary Coville Yes C.D was a show in his self, but mostly when racing Jack Johnson. But he did win a Flemmington with the Romeo's 44 jr car.
11/26/04 John Hanna CD put on a show where ever he went.  Oh they were the good old days!! That whole crew was great and would help other races as well.
11/26/04 Todd Lewis CD was a great addition to the weekly wars at the SQUARE and Bridgeport in the seat of Jim and Pat Romeo's 44JR and also a pleasant surprise at EWS in Willy Delisa's 14.
11/28/04 John Mc The blue & gold car between Krazer & Johnson.....John Koedatich maybe.  The unknown one along the fence in the foreground....Gary Iulg or Phil Mott?
11/29/04 3-Wide I only remember John in a baby blue 11a "Mud Buggy".  A lot of people thought it was either the Norcia #81 or Charlie Voorhees in the #705.  I still think it is blue and gold though.  Of those who thought it was blue and gold, they thought either Tanzosh in the #4 or possibly a #96.
11/29/04 Bob Scott Joe check the Reading Boone Photos I sent you yesterday... Probably Paul Fitz as Driver....Bob
11/29/04 3-Wide Well, the car inside of the red 23K of Curt Krazer (outside and a little behind Johnson's #64) is definitely the Markovich blue and gold Gremlin that said Chevy Powered on the hood!  Bob Scott sent me a picture of this car taken that year at Middletown, and there's no doubt that it is the same car.  Thanks Bob for your detective work!
12/10/04 Todd J Rody Joe says the blue car in the right is Billy Brennen's.....
12/11/04 3-Wide Naaa...  It's definitely the #3 of Rich Polenz, but it sure is the same color as the #5...  If you take a look at the other picture of this same group of cars, you can kinda get the view fromt the front.  Don't have any good pictures of the Hemi Coupe laying around down there in the Southern part of the state do ya?