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Photo ID # a11.26.04__T1_HAR_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #T1
Driver (s) : Newt Hartman? 
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Bill Young
Photo provided by: Herb Hoskins
Comments: Well, I wasn't sure when I posted it, but some of the Vault Faithful think this is Newt Hartman behind the wheel, and I have "faith" in the "Faithful".  (I thought it was either Joe Conti or George Blake... but upon further review, I'm quickly getting in line with you guys.)

Thanks guys for making me look like I know what I'm doing in here...

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11/26/04 Bob Becker I know Jan opperman drove it at least once, at Pocono. I'm not sure if he ever ran it on dirt. I would like any info on Jan driving the T1. And would buy any pics of him in it.
11/26/04 3-Wide I'm not real sure about this car Bob.  Hopefully Brett Butler will be able to chime in if he's out there....
11/26/04 Rich Miller I think this is Newt Hartman in the #T1, drove it with the modifieds a few times while still racing sportsman in his own #24. My guess on the year would be 1973.
11/26/04 3-Wide Now that you mention it, it looks like it could be Newt in there, and I always remember "Butler Built" being on the hood of his Pinto that he ran around 1973.
11/26/04 John Mc I don't ever remember George Blake driving this car. If you look closely, there is a capital "J" at the front of the door. I think under that tape you would see the remainder of the name, that being Jan Opperman. I also remember Joe Conti driving this car quite a bit(the car was owned by Jay Butler, father to Brett & Scott, of Butler -Built Racers), but if you look closely, and I could be wrong, but I THINK it's Newt Hartman, who had a relationship w/ Jay(built his sportsman Pinto, lived in the same general area) in this shot. Maybe Brett will see it and add his comments.
11/28/04 Bob Becker Anyone know what kind of a body was used on the car? I was told it was a
Javelin or AMX. One thing for sure, it's not a modern day cookie cutter flat panel body.
  Brett Butler This is Newt Hartman in T-1 @ Flemington . Newt had driven this car every so often for my father while they were involved w/ Newt,s sportsman car together in the early to mid 70's . I believe this shot is 72 or 73.

No , George Blake was never a driver in this car . I believe George Blake came out with his own car a bit later numbered T-7 .

This car was my dad's own car that he had a few different drivers race. Newt Hartman drove this car mostly at Flemington & EWS . Joe Conti drove this car at Flemington and Syracuse . Jan Opperman drove this car at Pocono on the 3/4 mile for the Parodi 150 and a few other select dirt shows .

Bob, I think we e-mailed back and forth at one point about Pics of Jan at Pocono.   I do have some and will do my best to get them together for you.

The body on the car was a Javlin body "stood up" in the rear , it was one of the first if not the first that I can remember " big bodied " cars.  It had inner wing panels, big broad roof , rear deck , extended door panels etc. This car utilized a Ford twin I - Beam front end untill Donnelly outlawed it . This car was very innovative for its time.

John, yes under the tape in this shot it was Jan's name.  I've got pics with Joe Conti's name too but the tape looks to long for it not to be Jan's name. 

The "J" was left for obvious reasons (Jay ) . Sorry guys, for the delay in the response ...........................

12/04/03 3-Wide Thanks for all the above Brett.   And thanks for solving the my little personal memory of why I associated the car with George Blake... Not to Many cars began their number with a "T"!   

That's one of the cool things about our little site here guys... if one of us is incorrect, (or maybe even a little full of it!), there's usually a couple of you guys out there to keep it honest.   Students of history will tell you that if history is not recorded correctly at the very beginning, then all of history becomes a great big lie.  I hope we're doing our part to provide accurate info.

05/28/06 Les Blake This is not George Blake . He ran The D-1 and later ran T-7 ...Les Blake
05/28/06 3-Wide That makes sense Les...  If you have a picture of the T-7 or the D-1, please scan it and send it along and we'll add it to the Vault.