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Photo ID # a11.28.04_GRP_SHO_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #(Many)
Driver (s) : (Many)
Location: Trenton
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Paul Irving
Photo provided by: Paul Irving
Comments: As best as we can tell, we have, #19 Kenny Brightbill, #711 Dave Kneisel, (unknown), #4 Lou Lazzaro, #19 Harold Bunting, #43 Roger Furstenburg, #3 Rich Polenz, #64 Ken Johnson, #125 Roger Laureno (just behind the #64), #96 Paul Fitzcharles , #23K Curt Krazer red, #30 John Kozak, (others along the fence in the very back include the #76 of Chamberlain, and Jimmy Brenn in the #24 in the last row.
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11/29/04 Bob Smith Next to Kniesel Pacer is #37j that ran at Flemington having "brain drain" but Rochelle???
11/30/04 John Mc Bob's right, and that's Butch Kozimor leaning over the hood in the pink shirt(I think it was actually red & white stripes) and white pants. Noticed him after Bob pointed out the car was the 37J.
11/30/04 3-Wide If I'm ever on Who Want's to Be a Millionaire, and theres a question about modified trivia, which one of you guys should I call?  Thanks for keeping the info in the vault straight.  That's what's kinda neat about the site.  If someone sends in something that their not sure of, there's usually someone out there to help clarify things.

As far as this car goes, I remember a blue #37J and a yellow #J73... but for some reason I can't remember an orange 37J.  Any idea who was driving on this day? (Ray Kozimor, Paul Rochelle?)

12/03/04 Mark Burd Could that be Paul Rochelle standing next to the right rear tire on the 37J? If so it may be Ray driving the car or Ron Harrison.
02/25/06 GWDJR May 28, 1979 Roger Laureno picks up 1st career modified victory in the 8th annual Flemington 200. This photo is the front stretch after the drivers pulled for starting positions. Roger picked up $3,000 for the win.
11/04/06 Walt K. Isnt that lazzaro sitting on the right front tire?
07.05.12 Jack Burroughs

#&-J was owned by Butch Kozimore, who I first met at Island Dragway in 1961, Ron Zuckerman went to races with him, when Ron finally bought  a car he made it the J-73, in hopes that his fortunes would be opposite of Butch's.

07.12.12 Jack Burroughs

Yup I too think it's Sandy, and Ron Z,  is there too with the rag hanging out of his back pocket.