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Car #: #81
Driver (s) : Billy Osmun
Location: Norcia Truck Body - South Brunswick, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: John Norcia
Comments: Here one of the defining cars of the 70's.  How many of us will never forget this little coupe and the great battles that we witnessed at Flemington with Billy O behind the wheel.... 

What some may have not known (including dopey me...) is that this car was powered by a small block.  From what I hear, George Schron (an Aviation Engineer) was in charge of all things under the hood.  The team from Norcia Truck Bodies were in charge of the chassis and they were known for not just getting in line with the rest of them...  Through the years they tried many new suspension ideas... some of which worked... and some that worked even better!

Without a doubt, one of the top 3 cars of the 70's.   Thanks John Norcia and all of you who were a part of this fantastic effort.

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01/14/05 Tim Yep, George completely tore the thing down weekly and it usually smoked
during Friday evening warmups at Windsor, but it took a couple laps before the thing was screaming.  And by the way, from what I know it was the same 327 for all those years.

I'll never forget a Sunday night when they towed all the way to Lebanon Valley and kicked some butt, before Billy forgot to tap the brakes and skinned the wall, cutting down the right rear and getting passed on the last lap. He looked like a sprinter out there compared to the big block NY state cars, losing a spot or 2 down the straights but passing 5 in the turns. They had to cut a hole in the roof so that Billy could see around the turns.

02/02/05 Andrea This car had a small block that was bored and stroked to equal 427 cubic
inches with Hildebrandt fuel injection! The shop was and still is in North Brunswick.   I know this because I'm John Norcia's daughter Andrea and I think I can remember everything exactly as it was back then!
03/19/05 LintandDust The 81 coupe was loaned to the #705 team in 75.  Thats the car that flipped at EWS as the #705 (see pg 33).  The team won 3 races that year
1 at Nazereth, 1 at EWS and 1 at Flemington.
04/02/05 Uncloose1 This is one Bee-u-to-full car. A good looking race car is nice, a fast one is nicer. A good looking fast one is best. This is definately best!